It all started with a choice.

As Eve stood in the garden eying the fruit from the forbidden tree, do you think she had any idea how far-reaching the consequences of her choice would be? That her disobedience would separate her from God? Or how difficult life would be for her and her husband? Did she realize her children would know sorrow and pain and death? It’s doubtful such thoughts crossed her mind. Who would make such a choice knowing the outcome would be so severe? But the more I study Eve, the more I realize we are the same. Although I will never be the first to plunge humanity into sin, each day I awake to choices and decisions that must be made, and I face the same choice she faced—obey or disobey.

We all live with the results of bad choices—debt, excess weight, strained relationships—but every choice we make has an outcome, good or bad. Becoming a woman on consequence means striving to make decisions that result in consequences that benefit instead of harm, that cause us to move forward instead of being chained to the past. But how can we make this happen when often we’re not even aware of why we do what we do? As with all things, the bible provides the answer. God has given us a wonderful source of lessons from women who’ve made decisions, some good and some bad, that have affected generaations. By studying them and understanding the logic, emotions and outcomes of the choices they made, we can become more aware of our own decisions and the reasons behind them. And, hopefully, the more aware we become, the better choices we will make.

So join me on this journey as we delve into the lives of women of the bible and through their lessons, hopefully become women of consequence.


Because you can’t move forward when you’re chained to the past. 


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